Ine is a seaside village that lies on the coast of the Sea of Japan and is famous for its wooden boathouses, or “funaya.”. Ine’s boathouses are famous for their unusual architecture: the bottom story stores a boat and fishing gear, while the second story comprises the living quaters. The floor of the bottom story nearly lines up with the waterline, making the houses look like they are floating on the bay and making a unique way to enter a home. The boathouses of Ine are a designated Group of Historic Buildings, a category under Japan’s Historic Preservation Act. The beautiful scenery at Ine makes it a popular place for filming TV shows and movies. There is a range of tours with which to enjoy Ine. For example, the Ine Bay Cruise is a popular way to see the boathouses from the water, or you can book tours to enter inside the boathouses, experience fishing, or learn about the history of Ine on a cycling tour.