E-Bike + Gear Rental

● Rental Spot

①Amanohashidate Chiekurabe

②Roadside Staion Umino Kyoto Miyazu

③Hashidate Bay Hotel

④Ine E-Bike Base Hide

⑤Amino Tango Experience

⑥Kinosaki Hot.Springs Koyado Enn

➖ Popular Cycling Course

ー①Amanohashidate to ④Ine (20km, 1h)

④Ine to ⑤Amino (45km, 4h)

⑤Amino to ⑥Kinosaki (30km, 3h)

Sightseeing Spot
Tern Vektron S10

[4000 JPY/D] MAX Cruising Range : 70km / 146cm~ / Power: 50Nm 250W(Bosch) / Shimano Tiagra 10S / Magura hydraulic disc brake

Giant Escape

[4000 JPY/D] MAX Cruising Range : 90km / 146cm~ / Power: 80N/m 240W(YAMAHA) / Shimano Tiagra 10S / Shimano hydraulic disc brake


[4000 JPY/D] MAX Cruising Range : 90km / 155cm~ / Power: 80Nm 240W(YAMAHA) / Shimano Sora 9s

Attachments & Gear

Burley Child Trailer

Riders: 1 or 2
Capacity (lb/kg): 100 / 45

Pannier Bag

[Free] 27L

Waterproof Jacket & Pants

[500 JPY] Lady’s S, M, L / Men’s S, M, L

Cycling spats

[500 JPY] Cycling spats with pads make your cycling very comfortable without pain of buttocks. We strongly recommend this for long cycling


[0 JPY] Child S, M / Adult Free size

1 Day2 Days~1 Week
E-Bike4,000 JPY
+2,000 JPY/day
16,000 JPY
Child Trailer1,000 JPY+500 JPY/day4,000 JPY
Pannier Bag+0 JPY+0 JPY+0 JPY
Smartphone Charger300 JPY+0 JPY300 JPY
Waterproof wear500 JPY+0 JPY500 JPY
Cycling spats500 JPY+0 JPY500 JPY
The price includes tax

Tour Package



= 19,000JPY~


2 days3 days4 days5 days
*per person, include tax


Course explanation & MAP

We tell you about seasonable sweets spots, recommend restaurants, superb views, and so on.

Rent E-Bike, attachment, charger, and gear.

We adjust suitable E-Bike for you and tell gently about how to operate E-Bike and keep safe during cycling.

Changing cloth room

You can use changing cloth room near the Amanohashidate Sta. and Amino Sta.

Emergency Support

If you get into trouble during cycling such as puncture, we rush over there by car.

One Way Rental

You can select the Goal from Amanohashidate Sta./ Amino Sta./ Kinosaki Onsen. Please return E-Bike there and gear there and get your baggage.


Max 100 million yen compensation for your and other’s injury of body and things.

Ine walk & boat guide tour

[+5,000JPY] We’ll go around Ine gulf on foot and boat for 1 to 2 hours. We’ll explain about the history, lifestyle, and unique view of Ine.

Ine morning fishing market tour

[+3,000JPY] We guide into Ine fishery port in the morning.

Baggage Transportation

[+4,000JPY/2 times] We’ll bring baggage from the start point to accommodation and from accommodation to the goal point.

Car escort

[+12,000JPY/day] our support car attends you during cycling. This includes baggage transportation.

Every Accommodation has

  • Breakfast (Dinner fee is extra 6,000JPY~)
  • Shower & bath with shampoo
  • Toilet (washlet)
  • Laundry
  • toothbrush
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • E-Bike charge




Western style breakfast
Big bath and indoor pool




Large room
Free kitchen
Japanese style breakfast




Unique building in the world




Tajime beef dinner is extra.
You can rent Yukata for free
Model plans
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Travel period2 days trip3 days trip5 days trip
Emergency Car pickupYESYESYES
Stay in Amanohashidate hotel1 night
Stay in Ine Guesthouse2 nights
Stay in Ine Boathouse2 nights
Stay in Kinosaki Ryokan2 nights
BreakfastYES (1 meal)YES (2 meals)YES (4 meals)
DinnerYES (4 meals)
Baggage Transport (2 times)YESYES
Ine short guide & boat tour (1~2h)YESYES
Ine morning fishery market tour (1h)YESYES
Car EscortYES

About “Kyoto by the sea”

North Kansai area is called “Kyoto by the sea”. There is genuine Japan remaining since the ancient era here. Ine is a typical village in Kyoto by the sea, and its lifestyle is called “the life closest to the sea in Japan”.


Popular Area aroud Kyoto by the sea

Ine is a seaside village that lies on the coast of the Sea of Japan and is famous for its wooden boathouses, o […]


The Amanohashidate Sandbar, is a beautiful, three-kilometer-long isthmus that spans the mouth of Miyazu Bay in […]

Kinosaki Onsen

Nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and sea, this hot spring town is filled with the tradition and cu […]

Atractive Spots
Kanabiki Waterfall

Selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, Kanabiki waterfall is 40m tall and 20m wide. The […]

Nii Rice Terrace




Yuhigaura (sunset inlet), located in Amino, is an area famous for its beautiful sunsets. In the moment right b […]

Cuisine & Culture

Asari don (bowl of rice & clams)

Asari don is fisherman’s food. It is eaten for a long time.Seasoning is different depending on the restaurants […]

Chie no Mochi (Wisdom Rice Cake)

Continued from 700 years ago, Chie-no-mochi is the special rice cake in Miyazu. It is small-sized mochi (rice […]

Tajima Beaf

Kobe Beef and Tajima Beef cattle are both thoroughbred breeds.Kobe Beef cattle are often mistaken as cows bred […]


Season July ~ August (summer oyster) September ~ February (winter oyster) Restaurant Detail Campain Web-site

Fruits picking

Kyoto by the sea area is known as a big fruits production area in Kansai district. Peach, strawberry, melon, p […]

Ine Mankai (Red Sake)

Sake brewery closest to the sea in Japan This brewery has 260 years of history and Now “Touji”(who […]

Kyo Vegetable

Season All season except winter Restaurant Experience Detail Campain Web-site

Tango Chirimen (Silk)

Tango produces 60 percent of Japan’s kimono fabrics. Known for its elegance and outstanding functionality, Tan […]

Buri shabu-shabu

Ine cho, located at the Eastern tip of Tango Peninsula, has around 230 funaya (ship garage) along the shore of […]

Fishery Port Lunch

Season April ~ October Restaurant Detail Campain Web-site

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You can stop by anywhere, anytime with E-Bike.

E-Bike doesn’t emit C02 or cause traffic jams.

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Representative of Tango Experience. He is also running beach cleaning activities every month.


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